Marsha Klein,
                  LMHC Psychotherapist



Issues addressed

  1. Mood disorders and other forms of depression

  2. Anxiety disorders, including panic, PTSD, OCD

  3. Adjustment disorders

  4. Relationship issues

  5. Behavioral health

  6. Weight issues

  7. Disease management

  8. Stress management

  9. Bereavement

  10. Parenting Issues

Client focus

Adults, 21 and older

For additional services:

Percy Ballard (psychiatry), Jenny Eden (health and wellness coaching),
Noal Coakley (psychotherapy), Richmond Dickson (bodywork, yoga)

Treatment approaches

  1. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)

  2. Psychodynamic therapy


  1. In practice 19 years, 12 of which have been in primary care practices

  2. Two years with Functional Medicine facility

  3. MA in Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Leslie University

  4. Certificate from Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy

  5. Licensed in Massachusetts, 7892

  6. Licensed in Rhode Island, MHC00179

781. 591.7520


  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield

  2. Tufts

  3. Harvard Pilgrim Health

  4. United Healthcare

  5. Cigna

  6. United Behavioral Health

Also Accepted:

Cash: $90.00

                Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is a
                psychological therapy designed to aid in preventing the
                relapse of depression, specifically in individuals with
                Major Depressive Disorder. It uses traditional cognitive
                behavioral therapy (CBT) methods and adds in newer
                psychological strategies such as mindfulness and
                mindfulness meditation. From Wikipedia, the free

Therapy Approach

In therapy, the client and I enter into a collaboration to find new ways to problem-solve, reduce suffering, and build new life paths. As part of this process, I help the client

  1. to learn about patterns of thought and behavior,

  2. to learn to be with unpleasant experiences instead of avoiding them or grasping for something else, and

  3. to practice openness, awareness, curiosity, and self-compassion, habits of mind that help bring about positive change.

I have a gentle, direct, and engaging approach that encourages and supports the client.



  1. 27 Mica Lane, Suite 205, Wellesley, MA 02481

  2. 796 Beacon Street, Newton Centre, MA